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School children learning about ecology, nature and environment with teacher while sitting

Nature-Based Therapy

Nature-Based Therapy utilizes the restorative effects of nature to support
emotional regulation and stress reduction. Research has shown that exposure to nature can have profound positive effects on mental well-being.


Walk and Talk Thearpy

(Ages 10- Adult) 

Getting out of the van, take in the resources of nature while moving your body and processing your thoughts and emotions. Walk and Talk therapy can incorporate EMDR with the walking providing bilateral stimulation while your therapist facilitates trauma processing. Experience the mental and emotional benefits of grounding, connection, and inspiration by experiencing therapy in the context of the natural world. 

If you are interested in Walk and Talk Therapy let your therapist know! 


EMDR Family Intensive

(Ages 12-18)

For families with one or two adolescents needing intensive healing. Combining Nature-Based Family Therapy and EMDR with a focus on attachment and trauma healing. We have a weekend of individual and group healing interventions planned in the beauty and rest of an all-inclusive retreat center.

One to One Family to Therapist Ratio

EMDR Trained Therapists

Guided Nature Experiences

Family, Group, and Individual Sessions



Three months* of preparation for trauma processing consolidated into one weekend.

*based on average time in individual weekly therapy


Campfire Kids

(Ages 6-10)

Using nature-based, playful, group activities, campers will learn to identify and regulate their emotions. Weekly club sessions build relational connections with therapists and campers.


Whether your child is already receiving individual therapy or is waiting to begin, this therapy group will support essential skills for emotional healing and growth. Topics will rotate every 8 weeks. 

Current Skills: Identifying and Regulating Emotions 

Saturdays 9:00-10:30am

Burrough's Park-Tomball

8 sessions for $350

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